Like the title implies, I’m no expert nor do I claim to be any good at the game, but hey, I do things here and there. With that in mind, here are my thoughts on what I’ve seen so far, which is limited to the content up to the first boss room. Some images and numbers were taken from this guide, but here I am, writing my own article on it because I can.

As of writing this, I have tried the new dungeon on ArcheAge Unchained EU, specifically on Alexander and Crazzian.

Party Composition

In my opinion, the ideal composition should have 3-4 ranged DPS and 1-2 healers (more than 1 healer ensures at least one of the healers can resurrect players during the boss fight). At least in the first boss room, the only damage you can really take will pretty much kill you instantly, so these healers’ main job here will most likely be to resurrect anyone who messes up and gets killed, while the other players kite the boss making sure not to lure it to the healer busy resurrecting. Kiting is the keyword for this entire boss room. If you successfully do it and keep doing it, and have an ample supply of mana potions, you should be able to solo it even if every other player dies, provided you yourself keep paying attention to the mechanics.

You’ll need knock-ups, Bubble Trap works, so anyone who can should take it. I’d say the healer should take Vitalism/Songcraft/Witchcraft, that’ll let them combat res if necessary, as well as bubble and buff. Knock-ups aren’t strictly speaking necessary, but they do make your life easier.

As for melee players…. Sorry, but from what I’ve seen, they only make it harder, not only by killing themselves in most phases, but by triggering a mechanic in phase 3 that is likely to result in the death of the rest of the party.

First Boss Room

This boss room has 4 mini-bosses, 4 phases if you will. The first three are pretty different and introduce the mechanics, and the last phase combines them.

Phase 1 – Knock-up here, knock-up there

This is this phase’s main focus – don’t get knocked up. No matter what. If you do, you’re most likely going to die before you land. There are Anti-Aircraft Turrets stationed around the arena. These hit and kill anything that gets knocked up during the fight. You need to be most worried about them during Phase 1, as the boss uses the most knock-ups here.

When the boss casts Stomp, it’ll jump twice and then a third time, higher. This third jump will knock anyone in a 15m radius up. Just make sure not to be in range.

The boss’ Charge is very telegraphed, so it shouldn’t be difficult to dodge. Like with every other skill the boss uses during this phase, it’ll knock anything in its way up.

This skill, Bucking, has the boss kick with its hind legs. Anyone behind the boss will be knocked up. Keep your distance. If you keep your distance from the boss, you won’t be hit by any of its mechanics, so you should be doing it regardless of what the boss does.

This last skill, Fling Up, is similar to Bucking, but it hits people in front of the boss, so the person with the aggro should be careful, pay attention and make sure to dodge.

Other than these skills, the boss will start spawning adds at certain HP levels. These are completely immune to damage. Don’t let them touch you, they’ll do some damage and more importantly, they’ll stun you. These can be killed using the anti-aircraft turrets, so you should lure the boss into them and use Bubble Trap or any other knock-ups you have.

Phase 2 – Sunder Earth is pain

Phase 3 – So I heard you like spikes

Phase 4 – Don’t be shy, have more!


  • Phase 3: Don’t stand too close (stand in the middle, but the outer edge). Getting too close will result in an AoE knockback that will throw everyone into the spikes.
  • Traps on the inside knock you up, traps on the outside seem to be a Flickering buff